Coping With the New Year Cash Flow Crunch

Coping With the New Year Cash Flow Crunch

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Few things are as daunting as dealing with low cash flow in the first quarter of the new year. Use the following tips to help you handle the February cash flow crunch.

Get your invoices out before the holidays

Do what you can to keep your cashflow in check before the holidays by sending out any leftover invoices before the holidays and stick to your payment terms.Speed up your debt collection process

Chase up outstanding debt right away to stimulate your cash flow in the short term. In the long term, it can positively impact on your future cash flow.

Reduce your capital requirements

Keep your inventory small by ordering less stock more frequently.  Invest in the stock that sells best at this time of the year and focus on those with a higher turnover and margin.

Speak to the tax man

If you're experiencing low cash flow and are faced with a huge BAS payment, speak to the Tax Office. They will happily work with you to secure an extension. Explain the efforts you have put in place to pay the debt off quickly and set aside 20-30% of your incoming payments for the next cycle so that you won't be caught off guard again.

Apply the lesson

Take what you learn to create a positive cash flow strategy for the future. The future of your business depends on how well you handle your cash flow. At the same time, you can alleviate plenty of stress, which will put you in a prime position to focus on your business' growth, rather than survival.

Understand your financing options

Financing companies can help you get over the holiday hump in no time. Get in touch today and we will see how we can help you.



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Get Ready for 2017 Small Business Success

Get Ready for 2017 Small Business Success

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It's that time of the year again - time to reflect on your victories and challenges of the year that's ending, and to consider how you want to do things differently in the new year to take your business to the next level. Here are some of our tried and true tips to help you succeed in 2017.

Setting Your Goal

Many small business owners have a financial goal for their companies, however, $10 million in turnover is not the true goal. True goals are fuelled by emotion. Your company, and the money you make from it merely provides a vehicle to achieve a certain outcome, which is usually very personal.

We are driven by pain and pleasure, and those are the two emotions that drive success. You either want to achieve a goal that will allow you to move towards or away from something.

What drives you? What drives your family? Sit down with your loved ones and discuss what is important to all of you. Put a dollar amount to that private goal, and you will have a starting point to work towards.

Staffing Solutions

What are the values required to achieve your goals? You need to ensure that your staff complement shares the same values, and then you need to unlock their personal goals. Show them how your business can help them achieve those goals.

Redefine Job Descriptions

By creating detailed job descriptions with time percentage allocations, you can help them prioritise the most important tasks.

Create Measureable Targets

In most cases, SME businesses are not measureable. However, if you can't measure it, it is harder to manage it.

Improve Product Performance

You need to know the gross profit of each of the products you sell, so that you know which is the most profitable, and which products are poorer performers. This will enable you to expand on strong performers while phasing out the poor performers.

Measure Productivity

Unless you know the productivity rate of everyone in your company, you do not have a finger on the pulse of your business. Increased productivity leads to an immediate increase in profit.

Increase Conversions

Conversion rates will indicate how well your business is performing. The average business has a 35% conversion rate of prospects to leads, leads to quotes and quotes to sales. If your conversion rate is significantly higher than the average, it is possible that your price is too low. If your conversion rate is much lower than 35%, you should consider either dropping your price, or retaining the price and increasing productivity at the same time.

Create a Predictable Flow of Leads

By understanding your target market and adapting your business to the niche you have carved, you can secure your sales pipeline. Ensure that you understand your own value proposition, which aligns with clients' needs and market it accordingly.

Once you have figured out the strategic purpose of your business and created your unique value proposition, all that's left is for you to systemise your business. Look for the best ways to help clients find you and transition through your sales funnel, with the minimal amount of steps, effort, and time expenditure possible.

Finally, consider what your business will look like when you have reached your goal. When it can run successfully without you, you can start a brand new goal, following the same success formula.

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Bad Credit History

Bad Credit History

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Australia's online loans industry is maturing fast, and clients enjoy the convenience of online application, which many lenders offer. However, it takes a special company to stand out amongst the competition. The best way to do that in any industry, is to focus on the client.

Banks and major lending institutions try to do that, but their processes are time consuming and complex - two things that do not appeal to most small business owners in Australia. These institutions have not adapted with the changing times and consumer focus. Consumers desire a dynamic solution that solves both their current opportunities and future challenges.

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance and University of Sydney Business School Released their Asia Pacific Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report in March 2016, which reported on the significant growth of online alternative finance in Australia. It also found that balance sheet business lending showed a market volume of $120 million in 2015. This is a lending method whereby business borrowers receive finance directly from the loan platform entity.

It is true that borrowers have been somewhat hesitant, since borrowers still find it hard to trust anyone other than Australian banks with their finances. However, as the market gains traction, small businesses are bound to see the credibility which online lending platforms build through their technology.

Data is at the core of a lender's technology and credibility. Reputable lenders focus on capturing only the most important data, storing it in the right database, and interpreting it expertly. The data can be utilised to analyse businesses' marketing activities both offline and online to gain insights into their business development and an application score can then be applied to the client. Some of the many aspects that are considered by the technology, include financial reporting, bank statement information, and the difference between what's on the application, and the real numbers. Instead of spending hours in face-to-face meetings, the technology can quickly and easily answer the questions on the clients' behalf.

Using such intelligent software enables lenders to create flexible loan products that provide solutions to small businesses across a broad range of industries. The main purpose of small business online loans is to provide businesses with the finance they need to grow from strength to strength. Whether you need $5,000 or $250,000, speak to us today and we will do our best to help you.

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